What Is My Art About?

Soul Supremacy (2017) by Akiko Ogawa

I have been on the artistic and mystic path for 19 years. It started off with a 3 year old me sketching away and talking to statues in old churches. For a few years I suppressed my creative instincts to meet the expectations of society. Today I could not be more proud to share with you some insight of what my work and mission is.

My art is a personal and shared journey of self-mastery, achieving altered states of consciousness during peak flow states and the creative intuitive expression which follows. My work consistently portrays themes of the unified field of awareness, the quanta (quantum field theory), indigenous wisdom and philosophic symbolism. The dots and stippling in the drawings represent code and binary, whilst the layers of glaze in the oil paintings give illuminance and depth which represents an invoking of an inner vision or scenery.

So far in my journey, I have been inspired to portray the 21st century version of the Sublime (greatness beyond calculation), a theme which was significantly expressed during the Scientific Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment; with art greatly influenced by the old masters and idiosyncratic thinkers such as Leonardo Da Vinci, William Blake, J.M.W Turner and John Martin, for their radical interdisciplinary research and study of the art of science and their romantic appreciation of the terrifying vastness of space and the macrocosmic.

It is my own personalised study of these philosophical and epistemological ideals. The recent intuitive painting, Event Horizon was a medium of response to the confronting realisations and discoveries of modern day science and the ongoing existential crisis present in humans today.

Event Horizon (2018) by Akiko Ogawa

The work that I am doing aims to guide likeminded thinkers and doers into entering the meditative state of creation, with the intention to unify the mind, body and spirit, to inspire integral thinking. A higher level of consciousness that can be attained using meditative art to cultivate an awareness of oneness which can solve most of the egocentric and ethnocentric problems of separation. A couple of the biggest examples is climate change and racism (perceiving Earth and varying races as the ‘other’). Meditative art awakens the wisdom of the creative spirit, enabling the transcendence from ego, former belief systems and ideologies.

I hope you can join me in the creative and experiential journey to embracing the collective oneness with our fellow humans and Mother Earth.




Artist and Founding Member of Hypergroove Collective - hypergroove.org

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Kiki Ogawa

Kiki Ogawa

Artist and Founding Member of Hypergroove Collective - hypergroove.org

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