The 21st Century Romanticist

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Growing up as a passionate romanticist in a tech-fueled world of information, distractions and endless possibilities comes with a beautiful cost.

The reason why I brought up the romanticist persona is because it goes back deep into history, and I myself have first-handedly experienced such strong emotions of pain and sadness due to my intense compassion for the the planet. This type can be associated with the wounded healer archetype (coined by Carl Jung).

The abundance of information and hyper-connectivity has overwhelmed the senses of the individual ego that the mind has no choice but to disassociate itself or to experience it wholeheartedly.

By disassociating, we choose to live in ignorance which is what the majority wishes to do, however the very few who choose to experience it are succumbed to to the realisation of the intense tragedy caused by industries damaging the landscape and biosphere as we speak.

Perhaps there are constructive ways we can be thankful and grateful for digital information and hyper-connectivity. Watching Mother Earth deteriorate before our eyes, through powerful documentary mediums and filmography is beautiful yet deeply demoralising, however a strong visual art form in itself that inspires fear, therefore the decision to act quickly. Understanding the impermanence of biosphere is necessary to quickly act towards the preservation of our species.

This is the romantic nature of the millennial individual that perceives all its aesthetics and terror of the post-industrial age, of the 21st century where all things seem to be moving backwards towards environmental catastrophes and the ice age, but also towards a promising future of the technological, digital golden era where we are bound to be living as inter-planetary species.

To put into historical context the notion of the romanticist, we can understand the sublime by looking at 20th century romantic artists such as William Blake, J.M.W Turner, John Martin… for their grandeur landscape paintings that depict intense imagery of sunlight, expansion, negative space

Macbeth by John Martin
East Cowes Castle, Joseph Mallord William Turner

If you stare into these paintings long enough, you will start to feel their deep romantic appreciation and passion for the natural laws and forces that govern our reality in every wonderment.

These painters are staring right at the depths of their soul’s glory in all its awe by enhancing the landscape before them. They are capturing such beauty from their own lenses and field of perception. Martin includes his own twist of imagination by exaggerating and hyperbolising the biosphere. There are strong senses of movement and illumination within the landscape. Understand and grasp that these are highly sensitive artists with aims to captivate and bewitch the viewer of their own romantic ideals and view of the world in their own era. How beautiful.

Here is one thing I realised being a true artist in this formidable age:

The world has come to a head and its peak in its specialised industries and humanity must move past stagnation by merging industries together in a symbiotic whole. This digital era of information overload has given the structures towards a collaborative economy and a cooperative and inclusive humanitarian system that has much potential to drive economic activity towards regenerative expansion, effectiveness, craft and holistic community systems.

It is terrifyingly beautiful to accept current environmental and humanitarian conditions because it lacks romantic and aesthetic substance, moreover there is an industrial absence of gratitude for Mother Earth and its living systems. There is however, the industrial preservation of humanity, whether it is through medicinal longevity, populating other planets, growing food hydroponically — whatever the sci-fi solution, we must start by feeding our progressive and forward-thinking mentality of trying to make sense of all the disorganised chaos and appreciate it for what it is. We are slowly but surely generating a golden future full of infinite possibilities and pathways for the creator inside all of us. It is not all doom and gloom being a romantic in this 21st century era. We are all evolving and enlightening ourselves as we move closer towards destruction and extinction.

Thank you for reading my day-dreamer thoughts.

— A.




Artist and Founding Member of Hypergroove Collective -

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Kiki Ogawa

Kiki Ogawa

Artist and Founding Member of Hypergroove Collective -

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