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  • Will Koehrsen

    Will Koehrsen

    Data Scientist at Cortex Intel, Data Science Communicator

  • Matic Lubej

    Matic Lubej

    Data Scientist from Slovenia with a Background in Particle Physics.

  • Mikhail Mew

    Mikhail Mew

    Researcher | Investor | Data Scientist | Curious Observer. Thoughts and insights from the confluence of investing and machine learning.

  • Emaline Friedman

    Emaline Friedman

    network activist for the commons (@CommonsEngine), social critic / autonomist marxist, PhD in psychology

  • Micah White, PhD

    Micah White, PhD

    Known for co-creating Occupy Wall Street. I change the world by changing protest. Learn more at micahmwhite.com and activistschool.org

  • Francis Jervis

    Francis Jervis

    Anthropology of startups, venture capital & cryptoeconomics - PhD @NYU. Maker of @Augrented

  • Simon de la Rouviere

    Simon de la Rouviere

    Explorer of all stories, master of sunsets. Writer, Coder, Musician & Dancer. Blogging here lately: https://blog.simondlr.com

  • Alex Van de Sande

    Alex Van de Sande

    Designer, Ethereum Foundation, Mist Browser.

  • Jeff Emmett

    Jeff Emmett

    All Things Decent/ralised. Researching the biggest ideas that will move the needle on human progress. The @CommonsStack, UBI & mindfulness are some faves.

  • Burn the Ladder

    Burn the Ladder

    Ikigai, Self-Management, Future of Work, Learning, System Disruption, Incentive Competitions, and Other Contrarianisms by Kacy Qua. www.burntheladder.com

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