• wʌndə


    Exploration of Concept and Medium

  • Gen Zendahl

    Gen Zendahl

    Artist, Curator, Metamodernist.

  • Pamela Giaroli

    Pamela Giaroli

  • JustOne Organics®

    JustOne Organics®

    A #wellness brand that delivers the highest quality #organic and non-GMO #FoodCrystals ONE #ingredient for #delicious, #healthy Reverse #climatechange

  • Crystal Lee

    Crystal Lee

  • Stefan Rosca

    Stefan Rosca

    I grow every day a fucking bit

  • Gloria Imodia

    Gloria Imodia

    Pharmacy Scholar. Email me: gloriaimodia@gmail.com

  • Wayne Roberts

    Wayne Roberts

    I speak & consult internationally on city-based food policy councils & skills needed by food organizers. See bio in Wikipedia.

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