SeedShare is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, and as they are all interrelated and networked, we will create systemic solutions starting with an entry-point goal, where we can create cascading ripple effects in the system where we achieve many of these goals. Not in any significant order.

🌱 Our main goal is Life on Land:

We will serve to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

Vision, 2018

This is a rather brief article to get some ideas across about storytelling and creating emotionally-driven content to move audiences in order to drive change.

It is more about narratives than of storytelling, and the mediums and tools which we can use to inspire new narratives, which could help create the outcome in the world which we want. Change happens from the inside-out and not from the outside-in, every philosopher would tell you that. It’s a very cliche term that gets overlooked due to its overuse, but I wouldn’t bring it up if it didn’t have merit.

When you think…

Lynn Margulis, American evolutionary biologist

In biology, using less technical terms, symbiosis is the act of living together in mutually beneficial relationships with seemingly different world of organisms with characteristics potential for merging together for further coevolution and hybrid vigour.

Symbiogenesis — symbiosis leading to new kinds of evolution. It’s all plant, animal, fungal and protoctal cells, that is all life on earth that is not bacteria, is a product of symbiogenesis. It means different sorts of organisms coming together to make a new kind of being.

I have integrated most of these concepts into my artistic processes long before I watched this documentary. In…

It is post-coronavirus pandemic with many watershed moments and huge waves of transition from a micro to macro level. We have seen the economy collapse and misinformation spread throughout the global population like the virus had done itself. We faced a unique situation wherein our highly globalised, networked economy had facilitated the transmission of the disease as quickly as it had allowed the dip in GDP output.

Our planes became grounded and our borders tightened as we attempted to tighten our grip to save millions of lives whilst slowly and reluctantly releasing people back into the workforce to keep the…

“In every seed is the promise of thousands of forests. But the seed must not be hoarded; it must give its intelligence to the fertile ground. Through its giving, its unseen energy flows into material manifestation.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Photo by Wayne Lee-Sing on Unsplash

Seeds are dormant carriers of information by natural design, a reproductive outcome of fertile plants and their ability to replicate, whether with themselves, by asexual reproduction or with others through sexual reproduction.

A seed is a small embryonic plant enclosed in a covering called the seed coat, usually with some stored food. It is the product of the ripened ovule of…

Note: This is not just as a result of the current pandemic situation but as part of an ongoing crisis that our food system faces daily, the heavy costs and burden against our natural ecosystems and the wellbeing of individuals involved in every food sector who are already working in unpleasant conditions, facing inequality and exploitation from large agri-food businesses.

With the emerging crisis our civilisation faces highlighted by the global pandemic, we see our economy’s heavy reliance on global supply chains and large corporations on our food system. This dependency on monopoly global markets, exploiting and taking advantage of…

Yes, it is possible to create the frameworks for a world that thrives, but we must all be prepared to unlearn the old model and to make the grand leap towards –

  • A world where people do not have to scrape their way to survive due to the injustice of economic systems, unstable markets and volatile national currencies
  • A world where we move from ownership to access with the aid of new incentivising systems that reward territorial proprietors for transformed policies, a shift in consciousness that aligns with current regenerative visions and values
  • A world where there isn’t just top-down…

A Shared Empathic Vision Amongst the Midst of Chaos is Emerging.

Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

Sovereign (sometimes called the King), representing wholeness, order, coherence, shared vision and purpose. This is not about any one person being the sovereign. It is about the urge to gather around a compelling cause — to be part of an unfolding heroic narrative. This archetype calls for invitation, rather than persuasion or coercion, and for discernment”

“What is needed in the Age of Thrivability is skilful integration of all four archetypes.”

— Michelle Holliday

The true leaders of our slowly collapsing post-industrial world that genuinely thrives are the ones with the ability to extend their agency from self, their…

Hypergroove is a start-up and platform for a regenerative paradigm.

Photo by Phil Shaw on Unsplash

We are creating a platform that supports the growth of an emerging regenerative paradigm and a sustainable, holistic food system. Our mission is to create new social dynamics and new narratives around food, encouraging more empathic, receptive and mindful action that supports renewable agricultural and land management practices that heals the soil and nourishes our bodies. …

Kiki Ogawa

Artist and Founding Member of Hypergroove Collective -

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