Vision, 2018

This is a rather brief article to get some ideas across about storytelling and creating emotionally-driven content to move audiences in order to drive change.

It is more about narratives than of storytelling, and the mediums and tools which we can use to inspire new narratives, which could help create…

Lynn Margulis, American evolutionary biologist

In biology, using less technical terms, symbiosis is the act of living together in mutually beneficial relationships with seemingly different world of organisms with characteristics potential for merging together for further coevolution and hybrid vigour.

Symbiogenesis — symbiosis leading to new kinds of evolution. It’s all plant, animal, fungal and…

It is post-coronavirus pandemic with many watershed moments and huge waves of transition from a micro to macro level. We have seen the economy collapse and misinformation spread throughout the global population like the virus had done itself. …

A Shared Empathic Vision Amongst the Midst of Chaos is Emerging.

Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

Sovereign (sometimes called the King), representing wholeness, order, coherence, shared vision and purpose. This is not about any one person being the sovereign. It is about the urge to gather around a compelling cause — to be part of an unfolding heroic narrative. …

Hypergroove is a start-up and platform for a regenerative paradigm.

Photo by Phil Shaw on Unsplash

We are creating a platform that supports the growth of an emerging regenerative paradigm and a sustainable, holistic food system. Our mission is to create new social dynamics and new narratives around food, encouraging more empathic, receptive and mindful action that supports renewable agricultural and land management practices that heals…

Kiki Ogawa

Artist and Founding Member of Hypergroove Collective -

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