2020 ~ Our Turning Point

It is post-coronavirus pandemic with many watershed moments and huge waves of transition from a micro to macro level. We have seen the economy collapse and misinformation spread throughout the global population like the virus had done itself. We faced a unique situation wherein our highly globalised, networked economy had facilitated the transmission of the disease as quickly as it had allowed the dip in GDP output.

Our planes became grounded and our borders tightened as we attempted to tighten our grip to save millions of lives whilst slowly and reluctantly releasing people back into the workforce to keep the economy breathing. This time of crisis has shown us the importance of our immediate surroundings, with people exploring their nearby cities and villages a lot more than usual. The lockdown has encouraged us to seek comfort within areas of walking distances and to face the reality of the discomfort that we were always bound to face without the delightful ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitude that we seem to carry when we can easily and frequently travel anywhere, never stopping to think once whether the actions that we individually take are detrimental to the planet.

Our modern world is a place of do-do-do and for the first time in so long, we have had the opportunity to pause. We have been given an opportunity to embrace this moment and begin reflecting on the choices we have, with the alarming climate crisis that is also a humanitarian crisis. I personally feel that I have no choice left but to really shift my focus into doing what is right for humanity, all sentient beings and our planet.

2020–2021 is the year of Reconciliation and Commitment of Buckminster Fuller’s Design Science Decade. It is the very early stages of our commitment to take a stand for all of life on this pale blue dot (planet earth).

It is where we lay down the foundational framework to plant our seeds at their initial conditions, before patiently waiting for harvest, moreover appreciating the complex pathways that our feedback loops and systems cycle into chaos. Perturbations exist all around us and is all-encompassing. We must therefore take the lead as captains aboard a ship, navigating across such chaotic seas and to manoeuvre humanity on Spaceship Earth to a trajectory that supports and regenerates all life.

I am just understanding the fundamental truths about the universe and I am proud, as well as excited to begin my journey with the other 144 captains aboard.

Artist and Founding Member of Hypergroove Collective - hypergroove.org

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